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A term mold refers to colonies of fungi frequently present indoors, where they can cause health issues of residents and structural damage of house items. Mold spores float in the air and land on all damp, dark and warm places in the house. Mold is a problem itself, but mold also indicated moisture problem in the house.

  • Importance of mold remediation

    Mold spores are naturally present everywhere, whether you live in a typical residential house or work inside the commercial building. The critical situation occurs when a source of humidity or leaking emerges because mold thrives on water. When colonies find stimulating conditions to grow, they can infest the premises dramatically and cause significant problems to health and property. The level of damage depends on the level of infestation. Therefore, calling qualified services to conduct thorough remediation of the mold is a must do. Here is a brief overview of some reasons why immediate and effective mold removal is so important. (more…)

  • Mold removal and remediation

    Scientifically speaking, mold spores are present everywhere. When talking about mold, people usually refer to growing colonies of mold visible to an eye. Mold thrives on moisture, and growing colonies of mold are usually a sign of increased humidity in a premise or source of water somewhere nearby, typically some leaking. When your roof gets damaged and starts leaking or if a plumbing issue occurs, there is a real risk that mold will show up and grow obviously all over the troubling area.

    This is the alarming situation since the significant level of mold presence around you can cause serious damage to health and property. Mold spores are allergens with high potential of triggering respiratory problems. Your furniture, carpets, wooden goods, even the construction of the house are at risk of getting damaged. These are all the reasons to call professional service at once and get the situation under control. (more…)

  • What causes mold to grow in your house?

    Mold is normally present everywhere, outdoors and indoors, usually invisible to an eye. It serves its natural role outdoors by breaking down fallen leaves and old trees. Mold spores float in the air thriving on moist and humidity. On the other hand, when present indoors in increased concentration, the mold is a danger to the health of everyone living in that space, as well as to property items. Mold spores float in the air and land on various humid surfaces. If conditions are convenient, the mold is capable of growing colonies rapidly all over the place, becoming visible and cause damage. Some of the aspects mold spores look for to grow to include dark, humid and warm places with a source of food nearby, such as wood, cellulose, cotton, drywall. Mold requires enough oxygen, and it usually takes one or two days before it starts growing obviously. Mold colonies can’t survive low temperatures or ultraviolet light. (more…)

  • Gregory Woods

    These guys truly saved me a lot of money and time. My apartment was flooded recently, and dozens of house items were soaked. After it had dried, there was mold all over the place. Their effective and high-quality service got rid of fungi efficiently and even managed to restore most of my property.

  • Linda Greyhound

    Our roof was leaking for some time, and after we had fixed it, the mold remained. Highly qualified technicians from this service inspected our home, conducted meticulous antifungal procedures, helped us repair the damage and gave us several useful pieces of advice on how to prevent the same problem in the future. We honestly recommend this cleaning service.

  • Michael Morton

    We had a flood in our area recently, and the whole basement was wet. Consequentially, we couldn’t get rid of mold infestation for weeks. A friend recommended this remediation service, and we are extremely satisfied. The job was done thoroughly, professionally and effectively. All premises are mold-free, and the moisture issue is solved.

Mold removal vs. Mold remediation

If you hear a company advertising “mold removal” expect to be tricked. There is no such a thing as 100% removal of mold spores in real conditions. This is due to mold being naturally present everywhere all the time, and microscopically, you can always prove spores remaining after these kinds of companies conduct their services. Mold remediation is what truly professional service will offer you, which means that skilled and trained technicians will reduce the mold levels back to natural.


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